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Museum Village

Museum Village Monroe is an interactive museum district in downtown Monroe. It was created in 1984 and features more than 20 museums and art galleries. The district is home to the Monroe County Historical Society, which has been in operation since 1877. The district also includes the Monroe County Arts and Heritage Center, which features a variety of art exhibitions and concerts.

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Winners Circle Gift Shop The

Looking for the perfect gift? The Winners Circle Gift Shop at The Monroe has got you covered! In addition to a wide variety of gifts, we also carry a wide selection of food and drinks. Whether you're looking for a sweet treat or something to quench your thirst, we've got you covered!

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Kenridge Farms Museum

Kenridge Farms Museum Monroe is a small museum located in Monroe, Michigan that showcases the history of Kenridge Farms. The farm was founded in 1865 by Edwin and Caroline Kenridge, and grew to be one of the largest agricultural operations in Michigan. The museum features exhibits on the history of agriculture, the Kenridge family, and the farm's role in Michigan's agricultural economy. The museum is open on weekdays from 10am to 4pm, and admission is free.

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Knox s Headquarters State Historic Site

Knox's Headquarters State Historic Site is located in Monroe, Louisiana, and is dedicated to the memory of Maj. Gen. Henry Knox. The site includes a museum, interpretive center, and battlefield park. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1978.

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United States Military Academy

The United States Military Academy at West Point is the oldest of the United States service academies, and the only one in New York. It was founded in 1802 as a military academy for the United States Army. The Academy's main campus is located in West Point, New York, about 25 miles south of New York City. The Academy also has a campus in Annapolis, Maryland.

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West Point Museum

West Point Museum Monroe is home to one of the most complete collections of military artifacts in the United States. The museum's collection contains over 150,000 objects, including uniforms, weapons, and flags from every American war. The museum also has a large collection of memorabilia from General George Washington and his army. The museum is open Monday through Saturday from 9:00am to 4:00pm, and on Sundays from 1:00pm to 4:00pm.

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Sedgwick Monument

Located in the heart of downtown Monroe, the Sedgwick Monument is a tribute to one of the city's most significant historical figures.

Founded in 1828, the Sedgwick family was one of Monroe's earliest and most influential families. Members of the family include Governor James W. Sedgwick (1809-1889), U.S. Representative John W. Sedgwick (1811-1890), and philanthropist Lucretia Mott (1817-1912).

The monument was designed by noted New York sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens and was erected in 1908 in honor of Governor Sedgwick and other members of his family. The monument features a cast iron statue of Governor Sedgwick flanked by two bronze lions, representing strength and courage.

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Wood Monument

Wood Monument Monroe is a memorial to the men and women who fought in the American Civil War. The monument is made of wood and was originally located in Uniontown, Pennsylvania. In 1923, it was moved to its current location in Monroe, Virginia. The monument features a bronze statue of a soldier fighting on horseback with a rifle in his hand. The inscription on the statue reads "The War for Independence was won by these men."

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Temple Hill Monument

The Temple Hill Monument is located in Monroe, Louisiana. The monument honors the fallen soldiers of the Confederate States of America. The monument was erected in 1898 and is made of granite. The obelisk measures 30 feet high and is inscribed with the names of Confederate soldiers who died in the Civil War.

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